Appreciating life means having gratitude

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I’m sitting here in tears because (1) I’ve always been a very emotional person, and (2) I’m so amazed at how things are coming together. This is the busiest month of the year for my work, and in addition to that, I’ve had to tie up a number of loose ends: put in address changes, negotiate the need to keep insurance (vehicle and health) without having a physical presence or address, obtain vehicle titles while living in short-term rentals with no permanent address, research and setup various phone and security settings to insure my ability to work effectively while traveling, and what feels like a million other things. I’ve been working on these logistics for months, and just when I was starting to doubt I could get everything done before leaving, it all seems to be falling into place.

For example, my son and daughter-in-law were due to arrive at 6:00 AM on Wednesday, January 22nd to pick up my car and drive it back to San Diego (leaving early on the 23rd). I purposely paid off that car in mid-December to give the title enough time to get to me. It arrived Tuesday, the 21st (yes, I drove the DMV nuts with phone calls), which gave me just enough time to get it signed over and notarized before they left. 

In addition to this, a drunk driver rear ended me and fled the scene on Monday night, January 20th. There was minimal damage and no injuries, but I still I had to file insurance claims, police reports, and get repair estimates completed before the car left.  (Remember, I still work a full-time job!) Amazingly enough, everything was settled and the repair payment received by Thursday morning.

I also recently purchased a home where my daughter will live for the next year or two. When the first selection didn’t work out because of serious structural issues, we had to quickly find another property and finalize closing within just a few weeks’ time (closing just happened today, January 24th).

Tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll be working on cleaning and clearing out the apartment I’ve been living in, getting things to storage and a safe deposit box, and then will leave to stay the night in Charlotte. I’m headed there so I don’t have quite as long of a drive to the airport before my 6:00 AM flight on Sunday. I’m seriously in need of a stiff drink — or ten!

Fortunately, my tears don’t come from stress of any kind. They come from relief and a deep sense of gratitude that it’s all working out. I can’t say how it all happened; maybe it was God, maybe it was my obsessive planning, or maybe it was fate? Whatever it was, I am extremely grateful for each piece that came together (no matter how last minute). I also feel gratitude for having my kids in the same place at the same time, and for the blessing of my family, friends, and workplace that allows me to support myself with extraordinary freedom. They have truly enabled me to take this next big step in my life with a lighter load and a full heart.  

My last family photo before I headed to Medellin!

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