Giving back, transitioning to Mexico City and the Coronavirus

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February flew past, and last week went even faster!  I didn’t go on any tours or trips, but in addition to transitioning to a new location and normal work challenges, there is something important that I want to share.

My most memorable event from last week was a Tejo Championship fundraiser for Cultivando Sonrisas.  Tejo is a traditional Colombian sport somewhat like Corn Hole in the southern states, but you throw rocks and hope they get into the middle of some explosives, or hit the explosives….  Yes, for real.  But, at least they are little explosives, and they smell like firecracker! 

Cultivando Sonrisas is a group home for young girls in the Santa Elena district in the city of Medellin, Colombia who are at high social risk.  As well as the Tejo fundraisers, myself and a group of Remote Year participants went to the home a couple of weeks earlier to visit the girls, spend some quality time playing with them, making bracelets, and sharing some fun activities that were organized by a Remote Year participant along with some staff.

This is one of the things that I really love about Remote Year as a company.  They are big on giving back and give us plenty of opportunities to help in each city we visit.  

This week it was walking shelter dogs for La Casa del Mestizo, can this really be considered a volunteer activity??? It was SO much fun and we can go back as much as we want!  

But to be serious, there is a very large population of stray and abandoned dogs in Mexico. It’s heart wrenching to see them wandering the streets, hungry and alone.  I am so grateful for the people who give everything they have to care for helpless animals that have no way to feed themselves.  

Upcoming is a Taco Challenge to raise money for Isla Urbana.  There is a huge water crisis in Mexico and this organization works to help provide water to families through rain water collection.  One collection system in Mexico City generally gives a family between five and eight months of water!  Sometimes it can provide water for an entire year.  

Be ready, I WILL be asking for sponsorships!


Thursday night was our farewell to Medellin party, we said goodbye to the city team and had a great dinner with some celebrating after (everything deserves a celebration… ).

Saturday was our transition from Colombia to Mexico City. Because our flight was so late on Saturday, we spent most of the day at the country home of Ana Escobar, one of the Medellin host team members. It was an absolutely gorgeous home with some farm animals, avocado and other fruit trees, lots of open space and a beautifully relaxing vibe. It made me miss my farm 😢. We all took advantage of a slow day, and had some wine with lots of amazing food while we celebrated Adam’s (one of Alba’s remotes) birthday.


The sixth floor patio.

The new workspace in Mexico City is more spread out than the last. It has six floors but our groups greatest concentration seems to be on the sixth floor terrace where food and drinks are allowed, hmm!

On a technical note, Skype is not going well. It seems that the people I’m talking with can hear me fine, but on my end it keeps cutting out. So, I’ve been sticking with Google Voice. More updates to come.


A lot of my friends and family have been worried about me being away when there’s so much concern over the Coronavirus and I just want to alleviate some fears. Remote Year has been posting weekly to let us know that they are keeping a close eye on the situation. They work with International SOS and follow the World Health Organizations advisories.

Although I’ve worked hard over the last year to open my mind and broaden my perspective, I’m still not much of a risk taker and I will come home if I feel like I need to.

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  1. You look happy and relaxed! I’m so excited for you. I’m having a semi-flashback to my year in Eastern Europe. This time you will value the rest of your life. Perhaps some new thing will bring you back~ I may want to come with you! lol


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